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Rapid RSV Tests

Rapid RSV Tests

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Kit Contents:

Rapid RSV Test Kit contains everything needed to run the test.

  • 22 Rapid RSV Test Cards (Individually packaged)
  • 1 Sample Buffer
  • 22 Sterilized swabs (Individually packaged)
  • 22 Extraction tubes (Individually packaged)
  • 1 Instruction for use
  • 1 Tube rack (for 6 tubes/rack)
  • 93% Sensitivity

Seasonal flu outbreaks are routinely caused by the two main types of influenza, A and B, and account for 3-5 million cases of severe illnesses per year and up to 650,000 deaths worldwide. Accurate detection and diagnosis of flu and beginning a regimen of influenza antiviral drugs within the first 48 hours of symptom onset are important for the most effective treatment.

All virus-testing items will be done at Downtown Montreal and Laval locations

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